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April 26th, 2010 / #college, #uf, #usfsp

I just accepted an offer to pursue my Master’s at USF St. Petersburg in journalism?

No, the question mark was not a typo.

After four years of learning the ins and outs of politics and not caring much one way or the other about the topic except to point out the faults of everyone involved, I’m going in an entirely different – and equally low paying – direction.

While the prospect of living at home with Mom’s free cooking is appealing, I am going to miss Gainesville. It’s not that I did any particularly noteworthy stuff while I was here (except for the time we convinced Angus to bathe in beer), but I’m a creature of habit who shies away from any uncertainty. And even though I couldn’t point it out to you on a weather map, Alachua County is my home.

Also, I’m not really sure why they accepted me. I Facebook stalked some of my classmates-to-be (with full knowledge that if they read this when I’m in school with them that they will be sufficiently creeped out), and these people have experience. I’m not talking about managing some scholastic press association, either. They interview, they write, they code, they edit, they fly through the air with the greatest of journalistic ease. They have experience.

Whatever, though. Experience or no, here I come. And I will work my ass off.

Danny and me on Facebook chat after our finance exam

March 23rd, 2010 / #college, #funny stories

Daniel: So how’d you do?

Casey: i got diarrhea and xmas treed it

Daniel: So you had a more positive experience than me?

I'm going to turn in my research paper with white text on a light background image. How does that make YOU feel?

October 13th, 2009 / #college, #linkage, #music

So, my Developing Nations professor plays guitar in a band. Weird.
(Shattered Symphony via Myspace Music)

Clubbing Angus to death

July 8th, 2008 / #college, #friends

In the past two years of my collegiate life, I have adopted a pretty routine lifestyle consisting of various alternations of food, school, and sleep. Knowing that there must be more to life, I obtained employment during my last semester.

However, after seeing how joining a business fraternity (read: the kind of fraternity I don’t hate because it’s not completely filled with douchebaggery) allowed my good buddy James to drastically expand his social life, my other good buddy Angus and I have decided to find such an extracurricular club to join and, in turn, allow us to make love to hot women.

Trouble is, I can’t find any club that a couple of guys with completely different majors (Political science and industrial engineering – guess which one I am!) who don’t care about any issues or things beyond the realm of bacon and football would be particularly interested in joining.

There’s a list on the UF Web site, but I can’t find anything.

Maybe The Hip Hop Collective?

I wasted all that gas for nothing?

March 24th, 2008 / #college, #funny stories

Because I am such a lazy individual, when scheduling my classes for this semester only one thing mattered to me.

No, I don’t care if this class is an upper level class. No, I don’t care that this class is taught by the same man who taught me a year ago and didn’t think it necessary to dress up for class. And no, I don’t care if this class is about French politics and society.

Darn it, this class doesn’t start until two.

I knew it was for me.

What was not for me, however, was the fact that I, you know, actually have to do stuff for this class.

I was assigned a paper to be due last Thursday. And, you know, since I’m such an exciting individual, I stayed in and wrote it on St. Patrick’s Day so it would be all ready to go three days after.

Thursday came, and I woke up in time for class, got dressed, and made my way off to campus, where I realized that I had left my beautiful analysis (read: complete BS) of the French executive in the Fifth Republic at home.

Oh, crap.

Now, this wasn’t quite as stressful as the Macroeconomics affair of a year ago, but it was still pretty bad. I had twenty minutes to get to class or else I would undoubtedly get a zero on this paper and somehow be sent back to the fourth grade. So, without breaking a sweat, I sped through the suburban side roads of Gainesville at 50 miles per hour until I made it home, grabbed my paper, and got back to class right as it was scheduled to begin. I approached the door and saw a sign hanging there.

“Dr. Conley’s class has been canceled today (3/20). Turn your papers in next Tuesday.”

How We Didn't Lose The Greatest Game Ever Played

February 22nd, 2008 / #awesomeness, #college, #sports

Great news, everyone!

Thanks to the benevolence of the God above, the heavens parted tonight and poured down upon the fields of green that we so commonly call the Southwest Recreational Center.

You know what this means, right?

The Red Devil Gators didn’t lose. Oh, it was glorious: I didn’t strike out, overrun a fly ball, or commit my usual fourteen errors. Yes, it was undoubtedly the greatest game I’ve ever played.

Now it’s time for the playoff push. I hope the good Lord decides to spring another 40 days and 40 nights of rain on us again – I think it’s time for some spring cleaning.

On second thought…

February 18th, 2008 / #college, #girls, #work

Recently, I decided to make an effort to stop my mother’s constant suggestions that I become a member of the working class, so I got a job in the College of Journalism here on campus. The job is really pretty awesome. I get to work with the Florida Scholastic Press Association, which was a constant entity throughout my years of high school journalism. Every day, I’m emailing or calling the very advisers and board members that made the organization work when I was a part of it. I’m now part of that core that makes it work, and that can get to be such a trip.

Bonus nerdy points for the fact that they have a blog and a podcast, even if they aren’t updated too much.

But the point I wanted to make here today wasn’t about my newfound calling. No, it’s about the college in which the office is housed. Since I’m a Political Science major, I never really got involved in the journalism school. Although I feel like they’re all giving me the stink eye when I walk through their hallowed halls, I know they’re not really eying me like that.

But I’m eying them. Friends, the College of Journalism on the campus of the University of Florida is the building with the most pretty girls I have ever seen in my life, save for sorority houses and this quaint little café in Micanopy. I think it’s because of the type of field journalism is: it allows you to be in contact with people while at the same time maintaining some academic credibility. All of the ugly girls go to engineering school. All the opinionated, pierced, and tattooed girls major in Political Science or some other soft science. But in the College of Journalism, you get the best mix of brains, beauty, perk, and poise that the university has to offer.

Uh oh, you guys. I think I picked the wrong major…

Well, I didn't know I was going to take out a second mortgage…

January 23rd, 2008 / #college, #complaints, #letters

Dear Civil War Professor,

Seriously, dude. What gives? We have to buy not one, not two, but eight books for your class. I know that your newfound gig at a major university is exciting and all, but you should remember that we get just over $200 to buy textbooks. So far, I’ve gotten six of the required texts for your class. You know how much I paid? One hundred and sixty bucks.

I know that may seem like chump change to you, pal, but that’s a good amount of green here on the up-and-coming college student’s budget. And what gets me is the fact that most of the assigned readings I was forced to pick up at Goering’s are really, really old. Like, out of copyright old. Meaning, of course, that I could access these stupid things on the Internet and save my cash for more important things, like Hot Pockets and Tang.

Angrily yours,

Ohio State And The Little Schedule That Couldn't

January 7th, 2008 / #college, #football

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Today, after the Buckeye’s second national championship loss in as many years, Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith released a schedule the likes of which the Buckeye faithful have never before seen.

“You know, I thought we had it pretty tough having to play Kent State and Akron this year, but this is just ridiculous. How do they expect us to even compete with Cuyahoga or Cincinnati Hills? This is probably just some ploy to get some extra money so coach Tressel can buy some more sweater vests,” said Buckeye booster and now hardly employed Heisman winner Troy Smith. “And don’t even get me started on the Reds. Have you seen their defensive line? It’s sick.”

Below is the newly released schedule for the 2008 Ohio State Buckeyes football season. God help us.

8/30 vs. Ohio School for the Deaf (Columbus, OH)
9/6 vs. Ohio Northern University (Columbus, OH)
9/13 @ Cuyahoga Community College (Cleveland, OH)
9/20 vs. Columbus, Ohio Chamber of Commerce Co-recreational Softball Team (Columbus, OH)
9/27 vs. Ohio State School for the Blind (Columbus, OH)
10/4 @ Cincinnati Reds (Cincinnati, OH)
10/11 vs. Boonville, Indiana High School (Boonville, IN)
10/18 @ Autism Academy of Learning (Maumee, OH)
10/25 vs. Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy (Columbus, OH)
11/1 – Bye Week
11/8 @ Columbus State Community College (Columbus, OH)
11/15 @ Cleveland School of the Arts High School Chess Team (Cleveland, OH)
11/22 vs. Michigan (Columbus, OH)

Exams drive me to do crazy things

December 7th, 2007 / #college, #observations

If you go to the University of Florida, I’m sure you’re familiar with TutoringZone. I had never before used their services – a four hour lecture that tells you everything you need to know for a myriad of classes – until I realized that my statistics test is Saturday and I have yet to watch any class on the Internet.


But there I went, into the green room with a few hundred of my closest friends, where I actually learned. It was epic.

Oh, and I counted. The guy who taught the review dropped the F-bomb 127 times. Awesome.

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