Ohio State And The Little Schedule That Couldn't

January 7th, 2008 / #college, #football

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Today, after the Buckeye’s second national championship loss in as many years, Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith released a schedule the likes of which the Buckeye faithful have never before seen.

“You know, I thought we had it pretty tough having to play Kent State and Akron this year, but this is just ridiculous. How do they expect us to even compete with Cuyahoga or Cincinnati Hills? This is probably just some ploy to get some extra money so coach Tressel can buy some more sweater vests,” said Buckeye booster and now hardly employed Heisman winner Troy Smith. “And don’t even get me started on the Reds. Have you seen their defensive line? It’s sick.”

Below is the newly released schedule for the 2008 Ohio State Buckeyes football season. God help us.

8/30 vs. Ohio School for the Deaf (Columbus, OH)
9/6 vs. Ohio Northern University (Columbus, OH)
9/13 @ Cuyahoga Community College (Cleveland, OH)
9/20 vs. Columbus, Ohio Chamber of Commerce Co-recreational Softball Team (Columbus, OH)
9/27 vs. Ohio State School for the Blind (Columbus, OH)
10/4 @ Cincinnati Reds (Cincinnati, OH)
10/11 vs. Boonville, Indiana High School (Boonville, IN)
10/18 @ Autism Academy of Learning (Maumee, OH)
10/25 vs. Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy (Columbus, OH)
11/1 – Bye Week
11/8 @ Columbus State Community College (Columbus, OH)
11/15 @ Cleveland School of the Arts High School Chess Team (Cleveland, OH)
11/22 vs. Michigan (Columbus, OH)

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