Reflections from Boston: April 20, 2013

December 31st, 2015 / #observations

I originally wrote this after they caught Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. I had just consumed some sushi, if that does anything for you. It was fried, because I do not eat raw fish.

This has really been a long week.

It occurred to me that this was the first high profile national news week I’ve seen since I graduated with my journalism master’s last year. It started on Monday, when Ren remarked, “something, something, Boston Marathon.”

I know, I’m a jerk – but I honestly wasn’t listening. Whenever anyone mentions anything related to Boston, I treat their comment like the plant brother insists exists that allows recently blown loogies to just drip off. That is, I ignore it. An adolescence of hating every Bostonian sports fan who ever lived sort of programmed me to do it.

It was only until I was on my way back from the copy room when it registered: “a what at the Boston Marathon?”

We both saw live views from the scene as they dripped in. Yeah, we clicked NSFW links on Reddit. I think the University IT guys can give us a break.

And that was Monday.

It all ended tonight; at least the free-for-all ended. They caught the bad guy, killed the bad guy, and sold a bunch of cars while they were at it.

This was one of the biggest post middle school news stories I can recall. I went to get my hair cut this afternoon just as someone on the internet accidentally heard “perp’s in custody” on an open scanner line. I got my hair cut by a woman who knew every detail of the manhunt up until her 2:30 shift started, and begged me for what she’d been missing out on as if she were a cliché housewife asking another what she had missed last week on Peyton Place.

When I checked my phone at the register, they hadn’t caught him again. Anonymous had misheard and caught the tail end of a wholly different sentence. The hunt continued.

It continued on my drive home, it continued as I walked my dog, and it continued as I sped back from Friday night sushi.

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