I wasted all that gas for nothing?

March 24th, 2008 / #college, #funny stories

Because I am such a lazy individual, when scheduling my classes for this semester only one thing mattered to me.

No, I don’t care if this class is an upper level class. No, I don’t care that this class is taught by the same man who taught me a year ago and didn’t think it necessary to dress up for class. And no, I don’t care if this class is about French politics and society.

Darn it, this class doesn’t start until two.

I knew it was for me.

What was not for me, however, was the fact that I, you know, actually have to do stuff for this class.

I was assigned a paper to be due last Thursday. And, you know, since I’m such an exciting individual, I stayed in and wrote it on St. Patrick’s Day so it would be all ready to go three days after.

Thursday came, and I woke up in time for class, got dressed, and made my way off to campus, where I realized that I had left my beautiful analysis (read: complete BS) of the French executive in the Fifth Republic at home.

Oh, crap.

Now, this wasn’t quite as stressful as the Macroeconomics affair of a year ago, but it was still pretty bad. I had twenty minutes to get to class or else I would undoubtedly get a zero on this paper and somehow be sent back to the fourth grade. So, without breaking a sweat, I sped through the suburban side roads of Gainesville at 50 miles per hour until I made it home, grabbed my paper, and got back to class right as it was scheduled to begin. I approached the door and saw a sign hanging there.

“Dr. Conley’s class has been canceled today (3/20). Turn your papers in next Tuesday.”

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