I’m scared to buy any more in vain

November 24th, 2007 / #advice, #girls

Well, I made it. I’m no longer a teenager. It’s nice and all, but let me tell you a little story.

In my junior year of high school, for some reason my good Asian friend Ying Lo brought me a paper bag with two condoms in it from some free condom venture or something. I (naturally) took one out of its wrapper to check out what they were like, seeing that I was such a social failure and all, and I put the other in my wallet.

Well, condom number two expires in December. So, uh, I’d best get cracking on that, eh?

So, if you have a vagina and I have any contact with you, I would suggest being extra vaginally vigilant when you’re around me for the next month; I’m going to be coming onto you like a fat chick at a wedding reception.

There are 3 comments. Such a lively discussion!

  1. Taryn spoke up on November 26, 2007.

    such a charmer…

  2. Terri spoke up on November 29, 2007.

    I AM that fat chick at the wedding reception……and you didn’t come near me last week. Maybe it was because of all the holiday distractions….
    I just realized how disturbing that thought was since I’m practically your aunt.

  3. Ian spoke up on December 4, 2007.

    Dude…I think Terri is coming on to YOU…


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