Late Night Daydreaming

July 14th, 2006 / #dreams, #girls, #television

Having the nasty habit of staying up late at night because it’s summer, I also have the opportunity to expand my normal television horizons. No longer boxed into the quasi late night shows of Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim Lineup, I can channel surf to my heart’s content.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am in love with Game Show Network’s Playmania, which is an interactive game show. Is it because of the fun opportunities to play along? No. Is it because during the commercials, I’m exposed to the dreamy voice of TV’s own Chuck Woolery? Kind of, but no. It’s because of the hostess. I am in love with Shandi Finnessey.

Who knew that winning Miss America could afford a person the chance to be a game show hostess on a basic cable TV network? And here I thought they would go on to use their newfound fame to, you know, help save the world and kiss little babies. Well, either way, I’m glad that I can spend my time at 2:30 AM watching this lovely young lady.

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