Summer fun!

June 25th, 2007 / #friends, #movies, #random

Summer is very boring in Clearwater. While I’d like to say that I love being home to the point of not wanting to return to Gainesville in the fall, I can’t do that. However, here are some of the highlights of my recent life:

  • I saw 1408 the other night. While it was the typical mediocre (and I’m being nice) spooky movie, it was made about ten billion times better with the presence of John Cusack. By far my favorite actor, he made the two hours of ghosts and loud noises completely worth it. Still, I’m more of a Serendipity kind of guy.
  • Angered by the fact that Angus was the eighth entry in my cell phone’s contacts list, I edited the name to read “Aangus.” This way, all I have to do is press two buttons to call him. I am very excited about this, despite the fact that his entry is highly inaccurate.
  • I now am a valued Fun Pass member at Busch Gardens. I rode Gwazi last Tuesday, and I plan on riding Kumba the next time I make the trek over to Tampa in the coming days. Previous to this, I was deathly scared of roller coasters. I still am, but once you get to the top of the chain lift and you can’t go back, you learn to scream and live with it.
  • I am the Sing & Play Director at my church’s version of vacation bible school. The theme is Avalanche Ranch, so I have to dress up like a cowboy. I don’t understand how John Wayne did his cowboying duties in the ridiculously hot desert of the American West. I was drenched in sweat after a half hour in an air conditioned room. Anyhow, because I’m sure you are intrigued, I will leave you with a photo of my getup (sans giant foam orange and blue hat):
    I'm a cowboy!

  • There are 3 comments. Such a lively discussion!

    1. Param spoke up on June 25, 2007.

      lets play cowboys and indians cept this time its more like irish men and indians… me and my magic carpet versus you and your john wayne esque weaponry! yee haw!

    2. John (Casey's cousin) spoke up on July 2, 2007.

      happy someone is having fun. BORED.

    3. Angus Hill spoke up on July 12, 2007.

      Sadly, you are already the first name in my phone and your name is spelled correctly.

      I need more friends.

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