I Love Lamp

May 1st, 2007 / #awesomeness, #random

There is a lava lamp in my room. I’ve had it for years, but I’ve only turned plugged it in on occasion, and even then it was so that my friends or people who come into my room think I’m cooler than I actually am. To me, a lava lamp signifies that you are a rebel of sorts: one who sees no need for conventional lighting in spite of the fact that lava lamps are really, really bad at shedding enough light on any given situation. If I were to use my lava lamp as my only source of illumination, I doubt I could get my pants on in a pitch black room. But I digress.

Yesterday, I had to unplug my lava lamp to make way for a real lamp. A guy’s gotta study for exams, after all, and a dim red cylinder with bubbles of effluvious goo just isn’t going to cut it.

That said, though, I really, really miss the lamp. It sits on my desk as I type, a skeleton of its former self. While a lava lamp isn’t by any means a beacon of luminosity, it says something about the person who owns it. I don’t know, maybe I’m just insecure.

That said, goodbye, traditional lamp. I’m plugging in my lava lamp again.

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