Clubbing Angus to death

Posted on 07.08.08 2:16AM in college, friends

In the past two years of my collegiate life, I have adopted a pretty routine lifestyle consisting of various alternations of food, school, and sleep. Knowing that there must be more to life, I obtained employment during my last semester.

However, after seeing how joining a business fraternity (read: the kind of fraternity I don’t hate because it’s not completely filled with douchebaggery) allowed my good buddy James to drastically expand his social life, my other good buddy Angus and I have decided to find such an extracurricular club to join and, in turn, allow us to make love to hot women.

Trouble is, I can’t find any club that a couple of guys with completely different majors (Political science and industrial engineering – guess which one I am!) who don’t care about any issues or things beyond the realm of bacon and football would be particularly interested in joining.

There’s a list on the UF Web site, but I can’t find anything.

Maybe The Hip Hop Collective?

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  1. Posted by Kyle on 07.20.08 at 15:05:33

    Uf powerlifting team, join it!

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