The pain means it’s working

Posted on 06.09.05 1:59PM in funny stories, pictures

Today, I was just minding my own business and sitting at my computer when all of a sudden I leaned back and my computer chair broke in half. Literally. My head hit the tile floor, my legs and feet kicked up and slammed against the bottom of the table upon which my PC sits, and a slew of extra computer chair parts began digging into my body.


Perhaps this is God’s way of telling me that I spend too much time using the computer.

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  1. Posted by God (aka Vince) on 10.15.05 at 17:26:50

    I wasn’t trying to tell you anything, I just thought it would be funny to see you hurt yourself. Sucker.

  2. Posted by Christina on 10.15.05 at 17:27:25

    it’s a quite common experience actually. i’ve had lots of falls and bumps and bruises. last year at cheerleading i was dropped by 4 girls and hit my head…on the ground.

  3. Posted by Dan on 10.15.05 at 17:27:55

    Nearly the same exact thing happened to me a few months back, Casey. For the past 3 years, my office’s computer chair had been this rickety piece of crap that had no arms and did not lean, but it did swivel, which is a plus in my book. Every once in a while, we would find screws on the ground around where the chair would be, but of course my family, being the true
    geniuses that we are, did not make the connection. End of story, I needed 6 stitches right above my knee.

  4. Posted by Elise on 10.15.05 at 17:28:16

    i used to have that same chair!! wow. good thing i got rid of it before it tried to pull one of those stunts on me. Although, I probably would’ve managed to fall out of it without it even being broken.

  5. Posted by Angus on 10.15.05 at 17:28:38

    Just like elevators, chairs have a maximum weight capacity…ooooo! burned…

  6. Posted by Mills on 10.15.05 at 17:28:55

    Only the Jewish God would tell you like that.

  7. Posted by Angus on 10.15.05 at 17:29:12

    Wouldn’t it be Jewish G-D?

  8. Posted by Mills on 10.15.05 at 17:29:27

    Angus is Jewish.

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