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Posted on 12.25.04 12:35PM in awesomeness, letters

Dear Santa,

You’ve given me some awesome presents in the past. Though I really am not into the whole idea of gift giving at Christmastide, after the fact I am pretty content. This is especially true this year, because this was the year that you gave me the best present ever.

Santa, my good friend, my new Clapper is the most thoughtful thing anyone has ever given to me. I think it suffices to say that I have been more occupied with it than any other gift you’ve ever given me – even my little red and yellow Flintstones-style car back when I was knee high to a grasshopper. All day today, I have been questioning the amount of light in my room and altering the state of my lamp with two swift and consecutive smacks of my hands.

Originally, I had my doubts. But now you’ve proven yourself to me, Santa, and I believe in you.

Casey Peterson

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  1. Posted by Ian on 10.15.05 at 16:29:39

    November 1964. Dutch East Indies. Shore leave.

  2. Posted by Greg on 10.15.05 at 16:30:01

    What’s that you hear on the rooftop? No, its not santa…

  3. Posted by :: back in black » Blog Archive » The Return of the Clapper on 12.26.05 at 17:08:21

    [...] If you recall, last Christmas I told you about the greatest Christmas gift I had ever received or ever would receive. Santa gave me my Clapper, and all was right with the world. [...]

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